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Time Flies!

It's already been 12 days since our last post... Lots happening.

  • We are continuing to demo the inside of the building.
  • Preparing to submit for our state/local licensing.
  • Preparing our TTB submittal (Federal License).
  • Finalizing equipment needs.
  • Finalizing interior layout.
  • Getting ready to launch a fund raising campaign...

In the meantime, here is a mock up of the view from the front window:



CCBC Renovation - Day 3

...and the walls, came tumblin' down...

Lots of progress today.  About half of the carpet tore out, 2/3 of the interior walls removed, plus we found a secret doorway. 

Could it be to Narnia?  To a secret chamber filled with riches? A doorway to the future?  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of What Is On The Other Side Of This Doorway!

CCBC Renovation - Day 2

Originally we assumed that the wood floor would not be usable since the carpet had been glued to it, so a new subfloor was in order.  However, upon a little deeper digging, the carpet was glued to linoleum tiles that were glued to tar paper over the original hard wood floor.  This left the wood beneath in great condition...

We can't wait to bring this great space back to it's original glory!

First order of business is to remove the old display platform, which we refer to as the tiny stripper stage:

Next up, the very labor intensive process of stripping the floor...

Time to work off all that Fire Hole Chili Porter:

Ahhhh time for some ibuprofen:

We can't wait to get that tar paper off...

CCBC Renovation - Day 1

First order of business is to get that dingy old false ceiling down and expose the 14' ceiling with pressed metal panels.

Mike and Chris kicking this window's butt!

At the end of the day the ceiling was taken down and all the trim removed...

CCBC Renovation - Before

We've been able get quite a bit accomplished over the past month... but you would never know it.  However, finally we are seeing some of the fruits of our labor.  We will be documenting the whole process as we renovate the cool little space, go through the licensing/permitting process and get through all the start up pitfalls. 

With the lease signed we are free to start renovating the space.  Here is the first look at the inside walking from front to back.  The plan is to gut the entire space and start from a blank slate.

Here is the street view of the front door:

Looking in the front door, this is where the bar will be:

Past the first fake wall, this will be cold storage and a hallway:

The back of the building which will house the brewhouse and fermenters:

This is the current bathroom which will be relocated/rebuilt:

Looking forward to demolishing this bathroom...

And finally, out the back door to the courtyard:

Check back for more updates as we progress on our journey, it should be a fun ride.


Quick Update

Just a quick update:
  • We are working on a lease agreement for our location in downtown Buffalo.  Although the space is small, it is in a great location.  Stay tuned for more info.
  • We made a little beer and took some photos... enjoy.


Welcome to the first entry in the BrewCoBlog...

Things are happening fast, but we will keep you posted on the progress of our start up, post photos, complain, cry, laugh... all that good blogging stuff.

So, check back soon and thanks for stopping by.



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